Replacement Fillings

How Do I Know When I Need a Filling Replaced?

In general, you will need a filling replaced for one of two reasons. First, fillings can fall out when you bite down on something hard, like a popcorn kernel, or if you’ve suffered physical trauma. Second, constant use and pressure can cause older amalgam fillings to crack, break, or begin to leak. Many people do not notice when a filling comes loose or sustains damage. Instead, they experience a sudden sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and, based on that, visit their family dentist. If you have missing or compromised fillings, your Lake Orion dentist will need to replace them with a white filling immediately to preserve the health of your tooth.

Can I Have a Filling Replaced for Cosmetic Reasons?

Amalgam fillings, in addition to posing a potential health risk, detract from the beauty of your natural teeth. If you want to replace your old metal fillings, Dr. Greenfield can remove them and refill the area using composite resin. This durable, tooth-colored material does not contain any metal and offers a great option for people who have metal sensitivity. In keeping with the Lake Orion Family Dentistry philosophy of holistic dentistry techniques and materials, we conserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible while still preserving the healthy balance and function of your mouth.

Is Replacing Amalgam Filling Safe?

Dr. Greenfield takes your health and safety seriously, so he goes above and beyond to minimize mercury exposure to you and to his team while replacing your amalgam fillings. This includes safety protocols such as oxygen to eliminate the risk of breathing toxic mercury vapors and constant rinsing and suction to ensure no mercury enters your system. Dr. Greenfield may discuss methods or supplements that can help rid any traces of mercury from your body.

Visit Your Lake Orion Family Dentist

If you are experiencing sudden tooth sensitivity, you know you have lost a filling, or you want to replace amalgam fillings with beautiful, nontoxic white fillings, contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry at (248) 693-6213. It’s time you experienced dental care close to home, but far from ordinary!