Replacement Crowns: Don’t Wait Until The Bitter End

You might feel like you’ve achieved quite the rare feat! You have a dental crown that has lasted and lasted and, rather than coming for a metal-free replacement crown, you have persevered. While we can certainly admire your dedication and the fact that you probably have quite a threshold for discomfort, we have some advice […]

Metal-Free Dentistry: 2 Things To Leave Behind

Making the decision to choose metal-free dentistry can cause you to wonder to yourself: Is this necessary? Should I be concerned about metal for my smile? Why bother seeking out restorations that are cosmetic in nature when I really just need to repair damage? In short: We encourage you to do it because you can. […]

Get Your Composite Filling … Or Else!

So, you come to our practice to receive your care in part because we practice metal-free dentistry. Therefore, you know that when you require a restoration, there are many benefits to be had! You won’t have any metal in your mouth, which means your teeth and entire smile will look beautiful. There are no chances […]