Metal-Free Dentistry: 2 Things To Leave Behind

Making the decision to choose metal-free dentistry can cause you to wonder to yourself: Is this necessary? Should I be concerned about metal for my smile? Why bother seeking out restorations that are cosmetic in nature when I really just need to repair damage? In short: We encourage you to do it because you can. Why not have a healthy smile that looks good, while you make a choice that’s smart for your overall well being? Take in a more in-depth explanation and schedule your metal-free visit soon!

#1: Tug-Of-War Emotions Regarding Metal

Not sure how you feel about metal restorations? Part of you thinks heavily regarding literature you’ve seen suggesting amalgam may be dangerous for you. You read other reports that insist it’s perfectly safe. So … which is it? When you choose metal-free dentistry, you don’t need to worry about figuring it out. You’re following the “better safe than sorry” rule and there are some additional benefits to be had (we suggest you keep reading!).

#2: Cosmetic Worries

No more worries about how your smile is going to look if you decide that you’re happy to choose metal-free dentistry. Remember that even when you receive metal for back teeth, these “hidden areas” are often visible depending on the shape of your smile. They may also become obvious when you laugh, when you speak, and more. To keep your smile looking like it’s never seen a bit of a problem, metal-free restorations offer what you’re looking for. From crowns for front or back teeth to fillings for any tooth, you can restore your smile to both its original health and beauty with our care.

Ask Us About The Benefits Of Metal-Free Care

Remember that metal-free dentistry provides you with many advantages, some of which you may not have considered just yet. To learn more and receive care, come visit us! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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