Get Your Composite Filling … Or Else!

So, you come to our practice to receive your care in part because we practice metal-free dentistry. Therefore, you know that when you require a restoration, there are many benefits to be had! You won’t have any metal in your mouth, which means your teeth and entire smile will look beautiful. There are no chances of experiencing sensitivity or an allergy due to metal. There are no metal-related toxins. It’s all good news! With that said, we must ask: Why have you been avoiding the composite filling you need? Let’s talk hesitation, facts, and why you really should come in!

If You Figure You Have Lots Of Time…

Think again! If you have a very small cavity, then you have more time than someone with severe tooth decay until a serious problem like a cracked tooth or infection develops. However, you don’t have the luxury of time to just wait to see us for a composite filling. The longer you wait, the larger that hole in your tooth will become. Don’t risk the possibility of things becoming much worse (it can happen faster than you might think). Treat your tooth!

If You Think Your Cavity Will Heal…

It’s true that the very earliest signs of tooth decay are something that can be reversed with thoughtful care and often increased fluoride use. However, when we find a cavity and we tell you that a composite filling is what you need to fix your oral health, you are far past the ability to make the problem go away. In fact, the only thing that your decay will do is become worse. So, see us for your filling very soon! Your tooth cannot heal itself but we can fix it!

See Us Sooner Than Later For Your Filling

Remember that your composite filling is here waiting for you if you have a cavity. Schedule your visit ASAP to protect your oral health. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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