Same Day Crowns: The Basics

When there is trouble with a tooth, it impacts every area of your life. Eating, speaking, smiling and even opening and closing your mouth can be difficult. Sometimes a tooth cracks unexpectedly, from a bite of food or an injury to the face. Other times, a tooth may be severely damaged from internal infection. A crown may be placed after a root canal treatment, to support the weakened natural tooth. If you imagine a lengthy procedure and extended wait time for a metal free crown solution, learning about CEREC same day crowns will put your mind at ease.

What Is A Same Day Crown?

One option for a crown is to have measurements carefully done in the office, and sent to a third party business that specializes in crafting lifelike crowns. After a few weeks, the patient returns for an appointment where the crown is placed over the injured tooth. Same day crowns can be custom crafted in a short time, in the dental office. It takes just one visit to take 3-D images, design the crown, and have it milled in our office. It will be colored to match your natural teeth, and checked carefully for quality, before it is put in place, and your appointment is complete.

Is The Crown Metal-Free?

The same day crown is milled from the highest quality dental porcelain (slightly less durable, but the most fully lifelife option) or zinconia (the most durable option if the tooth will be subject to high stress, such as on a back molar.) Both options offer the safety of placing metal-free restorations in your mouth.

Some Advantages of Same Day Crowns

Besides the safety of metal free materials, and the convenience of just one visit, metal-free CEREC same day crowns offer advantages including

  • Digital measurements mean no messy materials for impressions
  • No shiny metal to glint when you open your mouth
  • In most cases, more of the natural tooth can be preserved when fitting the crown
  • There is no chance a temporary crown will slip off or break

Could You Benefit From A Same Day Crown?

You may be a good candidate for a same day crown. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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